Bingo in the downtown area

Bingo in the downtown area

The term ‘downtown’ will always have particular connotations. Or, at the very least, it does in our opinion. The hubbub of a bustling city center, with mid- and high-rise skyscrapers sprouting up in all directions. The cacophony of noise that can only occur when 24-7 traffic lanes are imprisoned in streets that have long been dubbed’real wind tunnels’.

Downtown Bingo is maybe the polar opposite of its own name, assuming that definition of downtown is used. Rather of evoking steamy manhole covers and the turmoil of 21st Century existence at its most primal, but also most opulent, desperate, divergent, and yet somehow connected, we are instead welcomed with the city’s equivalent of a level in Super Mario World. That may not seem like the worst thing ever, unless you realize how much craftsmanship went into making SMW so bloody playable in the first place. Rather than that, there is a sky blue background, which presumably represents the sky – some clouds, presumably not the toxic kind that currently plagues every city from London to Beijing – and a small logo containing the website’s name – Downtown Bingo, in case that wasn’t clear already – and a vague outline of an undefined skyline. By any stretch of the imagination, it is scarcely inspirational.

Nonetheless, who are we to moan? This was not created by us, and presumably if we were capable of creating bingo websites, we would not be utilizing someone else’s. With that point stated, and hopefully established, let’s take a closer look at what this one is doing correctly and what it is so plainly doing wrong.

Who Is Accountable?

The first thing that will likely impress you about Downtown Bingo is that the whole establishment seems to be in a state of disarray. You’ll see what we mean when you scroll down the first landing page. When we tested the website, it was approaching International Women’s Day, which was prominently displayed across the screen in not one, not two, but three identical box outs.

Call us befuddled or whatever, but this is about as professional in terms of design as arguing with your wife during a presentation to possible investors for your new business. It seems absurd. While the notion is that bingo sites cater to a mostly female audience, if you’re going to show support for a day dedicated to empowering the less-than-just sex, wouldn’t it make sense to offer them enough respect so they can see a clickable link? More importantly, enough respect to provide them a real product that is current, or at the very least does not seem to have been improved in the last six years.

It Continues to Get Worse

As we get farther down, this website starts to resemble a cat blog made by an 18-year-old in the late 1990s who wanted to play with pre-determined layouts and designs. The information you are first presented with is mostly meaningless if you are not currently a member or are not seriously considering joining. They walk you through the numerous seasonal incentives and discounts available, and it is only towards the bottom of the website that the actual games on offer are mentioned. And this is in a straightforward box with a rundown of the gaming area’s divisions. There are no thumbnails with accompanying visuals; in fact, there is no change in typeface from the top to the bottom of this page when it comes to the actual body text. Are you still interested in playing? I doubted it.

Oh, You Really Do Wish to Persist?!

We admire you for being a stronger and more patient person than we are. To cut to the point, although this is mostly a bingo website, it does have other sections. Let us address each one separately. To begin, there is bingo. While the level and variety of games available are rather good, we can’t get the sensation that this is a hastily assembled or poorly thought-out website. It simply seems terribly cheap and sleazy, as if someone forgot what HTML was ever capable of.

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